CAMPOS DEL RÍO / Murcian beans from the penitentiary garden for León and Mallorca

Interns in the Special Treatment Unit (UTE) of the Murcia II – Campos del Río Penitentiary Center, with problems of drug addiction, which follow a therapeutic and training treatment to favor their reintegration, through the Seed Guardians Project of the Association Templarios de Jumilla (Murcia) and the Jumillana Cultural Association (Barcelona) chaired by the Subdirectorate of Treatment, which since 2007 is developed in the ecological penitentiary field, have produced the first harvest of native Murcian bean in the varieties of Murcia (short pod) and Cartagena (long pod) that, once examined and passed the control, their seeds have been sent to the prison gardens of Mansilla de las Mulas (León) and Mallorca (Baleares) in order to complete one of the the lines of the project to be opening new penitentiary areas of crops to promote biodiversity and dissemination of these appreciated variety it is, in turn, nourishing the fund of the National Bank of Penitentiary Seeds of the milites Christi of the municipality of Murcia famous for the temper of its wines.