THE ALCÁZARES. Indolente attitude of the Congress of Deputies before a citizen petition. Four years.



Four years are many years. Too much time to be interested in an issue that affects hundreds of neighbors, whose rights have been run over by the arbitrary irrationality of a Consistory run by the Municipal People’s Group. An eternity. Twenty-eight letters of petition addressed to a Congress of Deputies that is indolent before the decisions, out of place, adopted by the Ombudsman (without agreeing to reasons), which successively determined the file, without resolving, of three complaint files against the City Hall of Los Alcázares, profusely documented, argued, verifiable and truthful, damaging some abused citizens and allowing the abuses to continue, without having denounced it ex officio to the Office of the Prosecutor, as would be expected. The President of the Congress has been insistently asking for “opinion”, but only acknowledgments have been obtained: twenty-one.


IF things are not counted, it is as if they did not happen. If attitudes that are not received are silenced, everything will remain the same. Nothing will change. Never. If public servants, instead of setting an example, do the opposite of what their duty imposes on them, they will not rectify it. If, for four years, twenty-eight writings are sent to Congress, asking for an opinion from the presider, and during that same time twenty-one responses are received (based on much insistence), with no more content to acknowledge and report that they are sent to this or that Commission for its study and evaluation, the petitioners are pushed to the limit of patience.

At the time before the Ombudsman, and before the City Council and the Regional Assembly, residents of Nuevo Principado denounced the plundering of one of its best infrastructures, a pedestrian zone landscaped between residential buildings. With shameless cynicism and perverse pettiness the use and function of a walk in urban public domain was changed, a space for the enjoyment of “all” the citizens, to convert it, through colonization to the brava and permanent settlements in the middle of the street, in a shopping center open saturation hospitality, justifying such arbitrariness as free trade promotion, when it is pure speculative mercantile debauchery, to fill the pockets of a few and, incidentally, swell the municipal coffers. The degeneration of public life, urbanism, the environment and citizen security in this area of ​​the municipality have been going downhill since May 2011, that is, since the Popular Municipal Group made its appearance to “save” Los Alcázares.


One, two, three, and four. City Hall, Regional Assembly, Ombudsman and Congress of Deputies are aware of what happens in Los Narejos, but remain undaunted, they are punctured and do not bleed, they are like light passing through the glass without breaking or staining it. To not complicate the best is not to get involved. Come on, they have not done anything in years and years of receiving complaints, claims, complaints and complaints, apart from any reference to the Courts of Justice. Everything except acting ex officio. The last appellant, the Presidency of the Congress of Deputies, who is asking for an opinion (twenty-eight writings) is not decided.

The misguided, incomprehensible and unacceptable decisions of the Ombudsman, (about which the President of the Congress is asked for an opinion) related to the Paseo Río Nalón and its surroundings serve as a municipal incentive to continue the urban, environmental and social destruction of a space urban public domain, to favor a group of individuals.

For residents in Nuevo Principado, and for the rest of the population, a walk is a walk and not an annoying hotel industrial zone with a central mini pedestrian hall. Your refund is still pending. The infringed legality must be restored.


I.- Completely clear the surface occupied by businesses in the street, leaving it as it was when the City Council received the Urbanization, which included a pedestrian street with own equipment of a walk. The advertising photos of the promoters of the urbanization attest to this.

II.- Reconstruct the paved silages. Replant the 33 palms cut down. Replace the 4 planters that were removed. Replace the 12 banks located initially on both sides of the promenade, grouped later in the center and definitively withdrawn when the PP agreed to the local government. Place the 15 missing bins.

III.- Determine the number of annoying establishments that can be located in this Residential, without saturating it with bars and restaurants that make it lose its use and function, which is not industrial. Guarantee the security. Submit it to the residents for consideration.

Specify the surface that can be occupied by false terraces (hotels or not) that, in any case, should be proportional to the capacity of the establishments. V. gr., A restaurant with a lounge for 50 people can not have a terrace for more than 100, as it currently happens. All this duly agreed with the residents, who are the most affected by the inconveniences. OBSERVATIONS: The false terraces on the public road are temporary, that is, provisional, not fixed, permanent, permanent, … which, as is happening For years, they never disassemble. All the elements installed on the public road: sheds, awnings, umbrellas, planters, fences, tables and chairs, have to retire at the end of the day and re-install before restarting the activity. ■ COMMENTS ON THE PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT I suggest to see the photos of a in one, full screen. Graphically summarizes the terrible / null attention paid in the Congress of Deputies, and in the rest of the institutions involved, to the requests of the citizens they theoretically serve. I especially highlight the photos of the last letter received from the Congress (No. 21 in 4 years) that has not even been registered, the only one since December 2017, referring only to two complaint files, leaving the third one outside the “acknowledgment of receipt” “, Precisely the most important, related to a request from two hundred and seventy-nine residents of Nuevo Principado to the Mayor of Los Alcázares (Popular Municipal Group) in 2012, who has not deigned to answer. Six years later he has not done it yet. He is the leader of a team that says he “believes” in Los Alcázares and that his party responds. Judge you.


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