Luis Garicano will be the candidate of Citizens to the European elections

Source: El País
The person in charge of Economy of the party will be postulated to the primaries to lead the list
Albert Rivera has chosen his economic head to lead the bet of Citizens in the European elections of 2019. Luis Garicano, responsible for Economy of the party, will be the candidate for the elections to the European Parliament of May, as EL PAÍS has known from sources of match. Garicano will run for the Citizens primaries for the European list, even without a date. It does not expect that it has rivals and once surpassed it will relieve to Javier Nart, previous head of list, to whom, nevertheless, it will return to offer a position of exit. Of profile pro-European, the economist is vice-president of the party of the European liberals ALDE in which Citizen is integrated and has been the one in charge to negotiate with the movement of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, an alliance that will crystallize in a common platform with which to go hand in hand to the European.

‘Better Europe’, by LUIS GARICANO
Macron confirms its commitment to attend the European in alliance with Citizens and the Liberals
The European Liberal Party proposes to expel the PDeCAT
Luis Garicano (Valladolid, 51 years old) will make the leap to institutional politics after three years as an economic officer in the Ciudadanos executive. Until now he had refused to hold public office, and works as a professor of economics and strategy at the IE Business School in Madrid.

His career is mainly academic, as a professor at the London School of Economics for a decade and at the University of Chicago, for which he is a Doctor of Economics. Dialogue character, is the main architect of the economic proposals of Citizens, as the salary supplement for precarious workers and the single contract of increasing compensation. He has written several books, such as El Dilema de España and Recuperar el Futuro.

In the dome of Citizens its good connection with the European scene has been valued. As vice president of ALDE since 2016, Garicano maintains regular contact with European liberal leaders, and his influence has been crucial for ALDE to expel the PDeCAT at the end of October. The Catalans left the Liberal Party officially for their corruption problems, but in practice Citizens promoted their exit because they could not afford to go to the European elections sharing a match with the separatists they are fighting in Spain. The success of that operation has given Garicano the boost to be the head of the list for the 2019 elections.

The economist has also been the architect of an alliance of great importance for Albert Rivera, which they illuminated with the party of Macron last November at the congress of the liberals held in Madrid. The co-founder of La Republique In Marche Astrid Panosyan confirmed in Madrid his commitment to create a common platform with the liberals to go to the polls.

Citizens will go to Europeans in alliance with the movement-party of the French president, a society that has political value, but it is symbolic, because in the elections to the European Parliament the lists are national. It implies, in principle, a more or less joint campaign – in which Macron and Rivera could share acts, as Panosyan declared to EL PAÍS-, and would suppose a unit of action later in the European Parliament. In Marche still has no MEPs, because he attacked power in France after the last European elections in 2014.

Garicano was the main negotiator for Citizens and ALDE with En Marche, and after a year of work and a conversation in July between the French president and Rivera, the Macron movement entered the operation. The task of constructing the platform that will be the electoral umbrella is still ahead. Macron, since then, has come to the revolution of the yellow vests that puts his presidency to the test.

The future head of the Citizens list for the European elections has pointed out in a recent article in EL PAÍS some of his ideas for the battle against the European Parliament. «These European elections will be the moment when societies must say, clearly, not to this drift. No identity nationalism. Not to those who seek to divide us. Not to those who want to return to the past, «he writes in a gallery entitled Better Europe. In the article, Garicano advocates «building a solid euro, with the capacity to solve banking and fiscal crises, and a common external border, with a common migration policy that welcomes refugees, regulates illegal migration and resolves the situation of irregular migrants. looking for his return to his countries of origin «.

The race to the European Championships in May will have a singular dispute in Spain, most likely marked by national politics and territorial conflict, after the imprisoned ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, has been confirmed as the head of his party’s list to the European Parliament . Tambi