The IES «Villa de Alguazas», awarded the 25th of November Prize against gender violence

The IES Villa de Alguazas has been distinguished with the «November 25» award against gender violence. This distinction recognizes and disseminates the exemplary work of people and groups that fight against gender violence in the Region of Murcia.

IES Villa de Alguazas has been selected for launching «a project highlighted by its importance and commitment in its fight against gender violence in recognition of its program aimed at respect between both sexes and in educating students in healthy relationships.»

The awards will be delivered on November 26 at the Víctor Villegas Regional Auditorium in Murcia.

The Councilor for Education of the City of Alguazas, Victoria Cuello Medina, has shown his satisfaction for this award to the IES «Villa de Alguazas»: «This award recognizes the great effort of the IES to offer a comprehensive education that goes beyond the purely academic This education in values ​​reaches society, making it more just and respectful, and we are very proud that the name of Alguazas goes hand in hand with recognition for this cause. Congratulations to the students of the IES «Villa de Alguazas», as well as to their teachers, for their commitment to a better society. «