The City of Campos del Río will train and hire 20 long-term unemployed and beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee

Through the new Local Public Employment programs with a budget of 122,000 euros.

Masonry, gardening and home help will be their new professions

The City of Campos del Rio through the Department of Local Development puts into operation three new programs of Local Public Employment aimed at training and hiring young people under 30 beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee and long-term unemployed included in the program of joint action and that will be extended during the next 2019.

Subsidized by the town council, the Employment and Training Service of the Region of Murcia and the European Social Fund, the new programs will provide a job opportunity to 20 campers and campers for which a budget amounting to 122,472.07 has been earmarked euros

The first of the programs is aimed at hiring 4 young people under 30 who are beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee who will become garden laborers and will develop this profession in the locality.

The second of the programs is aimed at hiring 4 long-term unemployed included in the joint action program and who will develop their tasks as home help aides.

The novelty of this call is the implementation of an ambitious mixed employment and training program aimed at beautification of the town in which 85,500 euros will be invested and which will allow to hire beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee creating 12 jobs; 1 teacher of masonry, 1 administrative assistant and 10 students – workers.

The mayor of Campos del Río and local development councilor, María José Pérez Cerón has highlighted the importance of the implementation of these three programs of Local Public Employment «in which this year we invested more than 122,000 euros that are intended to obtain of a job with the corresponding training of 20 campers and campers who are in a situation of prolonged unemployment and young beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee who now find a job opportunity in the areas of gardening, home help and masonry «. Precisely in the latter, the first mayor has highlighted, «the ambitious Mixed Employment and Training Program in which a dozen student workers will undertake masonry work aimed at repairing and beautifying different places in our town and which we expect excellent results such as those obtained in previous calls for these Employment and Training programs that cover part of the training and occupation needs in our population and that have an impact on the improvement of different areas of the municipality. As it has been usual since we came to govern this town hall, we do not stop investing in training for our young and old people that we help with special attention to the unemployed group, since we are convinced that the campers have to find employment opportunities and We will continue working from the City Council in the future, «concluded Pérez Cerón.