Rescued 70 students of a school bus caught by the rains in Cartagena

Source: The Truth
Local Police and Firefighters have come to help schoolchildren without causing personal injury
A school bus in which some 70 children were traveling has been trapped in the Siphon road, which connects the urban area of ​​Cartagena with the northern part of the city by El Bohío.

The Local Police of Cartagena and the Firemen have come to the rescue of the children, who have been evacuated without risking their physical integrity, as reported by the Emergency Services.

Heavy rains during the early morning hours in the Region of Murcia have forced the suspension of classes in several municipalities such as San Pedro del Pinatar and Los Alcázares, where, in addition, some 60 people had to be evacuated due to the risk of flooding in homes.

Cut roads and hundreds of incidents due to heavy rains in the Region
The new storm that is unloading in the Region of Murcia since last night has caused hundreds of incidents in numerous municipalities and the cutting of several roads that have been affected by the accumulation of water on the road.

According to the latest update, the Emergency Coordination Center of the 112 in the Region of Murcia has attended a total of 150 issues related to this episode of rain from 22.00 on Sunday and until 8.00 on Monday. Among the 200 calls that the alerters have made to 112, 35 corresponded to the municipality of San Javier, which has taken over most of Mazarrón and Torre Pacheco incidents during the night.

List of calls by incidents to 112.
The main problems caused by the rain have been due to water accumulation and clogging and the presence of obstacles on the road. It should be noted that there have been several calls for help to rescue people trapped by water in some areas.

Cut roads
According to the information of the Ministry of Development and Infrastructure of the Region of Murcia, at this time several roads remain cut off to traffic. They are the following:

· RM-F33: San Pedro – El Mojón

· RM-E33: The Albujón – La Aljorra

· RM-602: Cartagena – Fuente Álamo

· RM-605: Cartagena – Los Carrascosas

· RM-F14: The Jimenado

· RM-F21: Roldán – Pacheco

· RM-E17: La Pinilla – Las Palas

· RM-E22: Isla Plana – Mazarrón

· RM-332: Mazarrón

· RM-19: Mar Menor motorway, at kilometer 23 in the direction of Murcia.

· RM-F12: Roldán – Lo Ferro

· RM-F22: Torre Pacheco – Balsicas

· RM-F51: Torre Pacheco – Pozo Estrecho

· RM-F26: Balsicas – Los Alcázares

· RM-F29: Torre Pacheco – Los Alcázares

· RM-F19: Mar Menor Motorway – La Tercia

· RM-515: Open to traffic but it is requested to circulate with caution due to landslides on the road.

Early morning of heavy rains
According to the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet), during the early morning – until 6.00 in the morning – there has been an accumulation of rain of 11.2 mm in the city of Murcia, while in Mazarrón, where the entrance made the Storm, they were able to surpass to the 23.00 of Sunday the 30 mm of precipitations in hardly one hour.

In San Javier the storm discharged late on Sunday. / AEMET
The Special Plan for Civil Protection against Flood Hazards (Inumur) in the Region of Murcia has been placed in phase of emergency Level 2, as a consequence of the warning of adverse meteorological phenomenon of yellow level due to rains and storms carried out by the State Agency of Meteorology, according to sources from the Emergency Coordination Center.

This situation has led to a large accumulation of water in the days before the warning, which has led to the rise in water level in Rambla del Albujon, which may be aggravated by the rains of the next few hours.