PLIEGO / The City Council pioneer in using a computer tool that allows saving costs and time in building and engineering projects

Source: Pliego City Council
BIM is a methodology that puts in permanent contact the different agents of the construction process, which allows a more efficient work
Pliego is the first municipality at national level that implements the totality of its Municipal General Plan of Ordination through this tool

Representatives of the folding town hall and the CYPE company participated as speakers in a training talk for workers of the Autonomous Community, who wants to export this methodology to the regional administration

The Municipality of Pliego has been at the forefront of the use of computer tools aimed at optimizing costs and time in building and engineering projects. Pliego is the first municipality at the national level that implements the totality of its General Municipal Plan of Ordination through the CYPERURBAN work tool, based on the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology.

With this tool, of a collaborative nature, the city council can carry out projects of these characteristics in a much more efficient way.

BIM is a program that allows the visualization of the project in three dimensions. In addition, there are different technical, economic or maintenance parameters. With this methodology, it is possible to include all the information in a single digital file, connecting the different agents of the construction process such as architects, engineers, builders or the Administration itself.

A tool, indicate from the City Council, «that has allowed the complete computerization of one of the key sectors of the economy, enabling the saving of time and costs, and minimizing possible errors.» A smaller investment that directly affects the day to day of the neighbors of the locality «.

For this reason, the regional administration organized, a few days ago, a training day aimed at public employees who perform their role in technical positions related to the drafting, supervision and management of equipment and infrastructure works, Maintenance Headquarters in the different Administrations and Public Universities of the Region of Murcia, and Personnel of computer services related to the future implementation of the BIM methodology in the Autonomous and Local Administration.

A conference given by the architect collaborator of the Town Council of Pliego, José Francisco Sánchez, the architect of CYPE Ingenieros, Ane Ferreiro, and the Director of Innovation of this company, Pablo Gilabert; in which a review of the development processes of a BIM project was made.