Conesa announces the auction of the Northwest Arc of Murcia for 168.4 million


The central government has authorized the auction of the Northwest Arc of Murcia, charged to the General State Budget (PGE) of 2018, with a total of 168.4 million, «an infrastructure that will improve the circulation in the west round of Murcia and the accessibility to the populations and industrial zones of the environment «. A work of 21.7 kilometers in length that will be divided into three sections «in order to streamline the execution of the works» and that more companies can access the tender. This has been announced by the government delegate in Murcia, Diego Conesa, accompanied by the head of State Roads Demarcation, Ángel García Garay, pointing out that it is a «magnificent» work that will have a «very positive» impact on the scheme of operation of the State Roads Network in Murcia. Specifically, the first section, 4.3 kilometers long, has a budget of 58.7 million; a second, of 60.8 million and 9.4 kilometers and a final section of 58.9 million and of 7.9 km in length. Almost 22 kilometers that will directly and indirectly benefit 700,000 people in the Region and especially, the municipalities of Campos del Rio, Archena, Lorquí, Ceuta, Alguazas, Las Torres de Cotillas and Murcia. The works, according to the delegate, will begin in 2019 and a deadline of 48 months is foreseen, which could be reduced by the fact that three companies can execute the work at the same time. A work that will mean «a great improvement in the safety, comfort and fluidity of traffic in a stretch of 32 km, where the highest intensity of regional circulation is currently recorded, with 111,000 vehicles a day on average» therefore, Garcia has emphasized Garay, «it is expected that the Northwest Arc has an average daily circulation of 19,067 with 20 percent of heavy», which means that about 3,800 trucks will be removed from the West Round. Once the highway A-33 has been completed, the head of the Highway Demarcation has detailed, the itinerary between Valencia and Murcia on the interior will be more attractive than the coastal one «since the new layout will have better geometric characteristics, in addition it will be about 46 shorter and will be toll-free «. In this way, traffic from Valencia to Andalusia will not have to pass through Murcia. In the same way, the traffic that comes from the peninsular center and Albacete and goes to the coast of Cartagena and the Mar Menor, will enter Archena through the Northwest Arc and will leave directly from the Port of the Chain without having to go through the West Round.