ALGUAZAS / The Civil Guard detains three young people for robbery with violence in the home of a septuagenarian

Ministry of Interior

Those arrested, two of them minors, are attributed the alleged responsibility for the crime of robbery with violence

They agreed at dawn to the home, threatened the victim and stripped her clothes to seize the jewels she wore.

All the stolen gold pieces have been recovered

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed the operation ‘TROIS’, an investigation aimed at identifying, locating and arresting the perpetrators of a robbery with violence, committed last February 13 at a home Alguazas, which has been settled with the arrest of three young people, two of them minors, as alleged perpetrators of robbery with violence.

The events occurred during the early hours of February 13, when the Civil Guard was alerted by a robbery committed in a house in Alguazas when his only resident, a 73-year-old woman, was sleeping inside.

The Benemérita found that the assailants had accessed the property after forcing one of the doors. Once inside they went to the room where the owner rested, they boarded and stole various jewelry that, at that time, carried.

The Civil Guard gathered the opportune information that allowed to identify two suspects, minors and neighbors of the municipality, on which the investigations were centered.

Simultaneously, the investigators inspected several gold buying and selling establishments, in one of which were located the pieces of jewelry stolen from the victim, so they were intervened and returned to their legitimate owner. A third person male, of legal age and neighbor of Las Torres de Cotillas has been linked as a necessary collaborator and person who allegedly sold the aforementioned pieces of gold.

Recently, the operation ‘TROIS’ has culminated with the location and detention of three people, two of them minors, as alleged perpetrators of the crime of robbery with violence, as well as the recovery of all the stolen jewels.

Those arrested and the proceedings ordered have been placed at the disposal of the Magistrate’s Court of Molina de Segura and the Office of the Children’s Prosecutor of Murcia.