ABARÁN / The perfect combination is on offer: river and vegetable garden.

Photo Report


The Ricote Valley is a point of Murcia’s geography with an excellent offer in ecotourism itineraries. Each of their towns full of satisfaction to those who decide to visit them. Abarán is the northern gateway and at the moment it is in full spring season, with an excellent offer in river and vegetable garden. The postcard header is a sample.

The set of images selected for the PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT that I accompany, attest to what we are going to find along a walk along the river, along its riverbank, without losing sight of the water and contemplating a fertile, well-kept garden, in the one that highlights those small family gardens in which farmers, descendants of farmers, maintain the good habit of cultivating for the house, to nourish the family pantry. Among fruit trees, taking advantage of every available space, a «hit» of beans here, another one of potatoes there and of chard, garlic, onions, thistles, … It is a local custom, when you ask where are you going ?, someone with whom you come across those places, an answer of this type: «to take a moment in my own».

Accompanying the Segura River in its descent towards Blanca, we also recreate ourselves with the continuous vision of the water and the life it has, the animals it attracts, the avifauna (to understand us: large and small birds) that populate its banks; you have to go scrutinizing the vegetation to discover it and, with a bit of luck, photograph it. That way we can «hunt» cormorants, herons, ducks, … A simple sparrow, if you are quick to «shoot», it will be worth it.

The almost continuous visual presence (at the back) of the tower of the Church of San Pablo and of the Ermita de los Santos Médicos, will remind us that we are in a unique enclave, an urban and rural space worthy of a film, which I personally would name: RÍO AND GARDEN.