Urralburu: “It is a candidate worked and agreed to face a historic election”

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Óscar Urralburu, has presented the list with which the current Secretary General of Podemos Región de Murcia will attend the primary of the party. Now, he said, “it must be the people who decide how the list is structured.” This is a candidacy that I’m very proud of and, without a doubt, is the first stone to set up the best possible team of Podemos to cast to the PP after 25 years of retrograde policies that have placed us as a losing region in almost all social and economic indicators “.

The United candidacy for the 2019 Region, presented by Óscar Urralburu together with the deputy María Giménez and the Secretary of Social Policies, María Marín, is made up of a “broad representation of the Murcian society.” There are self-employed workers, public workers, people who belong to the financial sphere, to the legal profession or to trade unions and social collectives.

Urralburu has said that the agreement reached in Podemos Región de Murcia implies the presentation of a single “list to the primaries of the regional candidacy, to be held between November 13 and 19. And from November 20 to 25, days of telematic voting of the candidates for the primaries “.

The list has been described by the general secretary and parliamentary spokesperson as “winning, efficient and with many technical and professional guarantees behind it.” Combines experience and renewal to bring freshness and naturalness to the experience we have accumulated these past 4 years to better serve the people”. The Region of Murcia, has concluded, can not “endure another 4 years of conservative cycle led by the PP and accompanied by Citizens.”

For its part, the Secretary of Social Rights and Citizenship of Podemos Region of Murcia, Maria Marin, has defined the United candidacy for the 2019 Region as “a list made to rebuild a social contract Rodto by the PP, for inequality and law of the strongest This goal is much more ambitious than the change of government in 2019, but with this list we take the first step “.

One, integrated candidacy “capable people who represent the only project in the region capable of giving us back our confidence in the future, capable of putting an end to fear and uncertainty, is a project that leaves no one behind”, as María Marín has pointed out.

that “it is not enough to repeal labor reforms, we must expel the PP, we must lay the foundations of a new system of work and welfare, of a new social state for the 21st century.

In this sense, the Regional Deputy of Podemos, María Giménez; has argued that the balance left by the PP government in this term “is the economic ruin and the depletion of natural resources” and proof of this has added is “the future engendro called ARCA will dismantle the public adminsitración environment, as it has done in education and health. ”

So he added that although in this legislature we have lost a lot, it has also achieved great achievements for the social majority, such as the Housing Law, the LGTBI Law, or the future Law of Communication and Anti-Fracture Law that will be approved this week . This shows, for María Giménez that “the irruption of Podemos in the Regional policy, has propitiated and championed the changes for the benefit of the people and not for a few, so now more than ever it is necessary to remove the PP from the Institutions and win the Region in 2019 to build the Region that we want and deserve.

Below we list the names of the candidates and candidates that make up the United List for the 2019 Region:

Head of list

– Oscar Urralburu Arza

List body

– María Giménez Casalduero.

– Rafa Esteban Palazón.

– María Marín Martínez.

– Toni Carrasco García.

– Esther Martos Moreno.

– José Eduardo Illueca.

– María López Montalbán

– Juan Ángel Sánchez Naharro.

– Lorena Lorca Sánchez.

– Concha García Altares.

– Angel Luis Hernández García.

– Tania Rojo Gómez.

– María José Durán Guirao.

– David Soto Carrasco.

– Clara Martínez Baeza.

– Andrés Pedreño Cánovas.

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