They kill a Spanish Jesuit priest in a school in the Amazon of Peru

reported the Peruvian Episcopal Conference (CEP). The information, which was confirmed by the Company of Jesus in Peru, said that the body of the Spanish priest Carlos Riudavest Montes, 73, was found in his residence at the Fe y Alegría school “Valentín Salegui”, in the district of Yamakai-éntsa, in the jungle province of Bagua. The CEP noted that Riudavest, who was “found lifeless, with signs of having suffered violence,” devoted the last 38 years to the education of the families of the native communities of the Amazon region. Both the CEP and the Society of Jesus expressed his “bewilderment and pain” for the murder and manifested his rejection of all forms of violence. “The Peruvian Episcopal Conference requests the authorities to clarify the facts and find the responsibles ables, “said the agency, while the Society of Jesus expressed confidence that the authorities will be able to” clarify the causes of his death and the circumstances in which it occurred. “The Director of Education of the Amazon region, Gumercinda Duire , informed the radio station RPP that the body of Riudavest was found by the cook of the school “on the floor and tied”. He added that the religious had a good relationship with the community and that the initial suspicion rests with a former student who was expelled of the school and threatened the priest “on several occasions”. However, the police authorities have not yet advanced any hypothesis, but have already begun the investigation of the crime.

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