The Local Police of Cartagena detains an individual who had stolen a mobile from a woman threatening her with a knife

The intervention of an agent on leave, allowed to intercept the one involved in the Old Town

Agents of the Local Police of Cartagena detained on the night of last Monday the alleged perpetrator of the theft of a mobile phone with violence and intimidation. The events took place at 23 h. The Local Police agents went to the area of Casco Antiguo, after receiving a warning from Base 092 that warned about the theft of a mobile phone to a woman.

The 41-year-old threatened a 30-year-old woman with a table knife so he could remove her mobile phone, fleeing the scene.

Thanks to the collaboration of a Local Police on leave of absence, the agents were able to intercept the alleged robber, arresting him and instructing the corresponding police proceedings.

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