The Coalición de Centro Democrático is presented as the heir of Suárez

Soon we will form the local committees in Archena and Alcantarilla


The regional executive of the Coalition of the Democratic Center (CCD) appeared yesterday at the Cetina Hotel in Murcia as the inheriting party of the “Suárez spirit”, as underlined by the national president of CCD, David García. This message was endorsed by the coordinator of the training in the Region, Jesús Manzano: “This party is a continuity of the philosophy of Adolfo Suárez.”

In fact, he pointed out that among the 200 militants in the region there are former members of the extinct UCD and CDS formations. «Soon we will form the local committees in Archena and Alcantarilla», advanced Manzano, economist and autonomous of 56 years.

He also confirmed that the objective of the party is to present itself to the autonomous and municipal elections of 2019. “If we can we will present ourselves in the 45 municipalities”. David García recalled that CCD, in 2011, obtained three mayors in Alhama de Murcia, and in 2015 he appeared in Lorca, Murcia, Mazarrón and Archena, obtaining an aedile in each of the last two locations mentioned.

“We are normal people, we are not professionals of politics,” Manzano said that already in February 2017, at the Agalia Hotel in Murcia, he was presented as president of Together for the Region, a party that he himself defined as the “new project”. politician of moderate and regional center “, with which it would concur to the elections of 2019. Something that will no longer happen when being at the head of CCD.

“Our principles are based on the people who work and have to support their families; we think that in politics you have to put honesty and good management, “summarized Manzano.

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