The Civil Guard detains 57 people in anti-drug operation in the Strait

Source: The World

The organization, deployed from Estepona to Tarifa, was expanding

Hashish has seized about 10 tons

10 “nurseries” have been dismantled for the concealment of the drug

The Civil Guard has arrested 57 people members of a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking between North Africa and Europe, as reported by the armed institute. In the ‘Operation Albarracín’ has disarticualdo one of the most important criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking between North Africa and Europe through the Andalusian coast.

One of the ringleaders is a public employee who led a seemingly “normal” life, without making any kind of boasting or ostentation. More than half of the detainees have been ordered to be imprisoned.

The investigation began last August, when the Civil Guard detected a very active organization dedicated to the introduction of large amounts of hashish, mainly in the area of ​​Campo de Gibraltar and Manilva.

The disjointed organization functioned as a cooperative in which leaders shared resources and human resources. It had experienced pilots of semi-rigid boats, known as “gomas”, to transport hashish from Morocco to our coasts. These pilots occupied a high echelon in the organization and were very well considered and rewarded.

During the disembarkation operations they had a large group of people, known as “points”, who used mobile phones or walkie-talkies to give notice in case the Civil Guard made an appearance, which would abort the stash until the right moment.

When arriving the boats to earth were received by groups of people of the maximum confidence of the leaders, the known ones like “collas”, directed during the unloading by their “head of colla”.

The hashish was loaded onto vehicles that had previously been stolen by a “division” that, after stealing them, prepared them for loading and hid them in safe places until they were used to transport the merchandise. They were, preferably, all-terrains of great capacity, to which they inked the black moons and removed the rear seats to increase the load capacity.

They had safe places to keep these vehicles and use them on different occasions. The branches of the criminal organization based in San Roque and Manilva used construction sites to hide them, while the ones based in Tarifa used farms where they had 20-foot shipping containers.

On the other hand, they had a system of double or triple drug “nurseries”, with personnel in charge of their custody, to avoid the action of the Civil Guard or other organizations that are dedicated to stealing “overturning”.

First of all, the bales of hashish were loaded onto stolen vehicles and hidden in a place near the coast to “cool” the merchandise. Once a reasonable period of time passes, to ensure that they are not persecuted by the State Security Forces and Corps, they are transported to another second nursery or zulo. This second section had more security measures and, from there, the drug was transported to its final destination, which could be anywhere in Europe.

In total, the Civil Guard, in the different apprehensions it has carried out, has seized 9,640 kilograms of hashish from different caches, which occurred on the beaches of Tarifa, San Roque and Manilva.

He has discovered 10 nurseries near the coast, used to hide drugs and vehicles in the towns of Manilva, Casares, San Enrique de Guadiaro, Tesorillo, Estepona and Tarifa. In these places and in the caches, twelve stolen vehicles have been recovered in Spain and Morocco.

Eight home searches have been made and numerous documents have been seized that will be analyzed by specialized teams in economic research and money laundering. In addition, the Judicial Authority has been requested to prohibit the disposition of the real and personal property of those involved, and a Property Investigation is under way to determine the origin of those assets. So far researchers have intervened real estate worth 2,809,576 euros and personal property for 293,818 euros.

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