ARCHENA/ The ‘Campaign on Surveillance and Control of Vans’ ends in our town with satisfactory results

The Local Police of Archena, which has collaborated during the same with the Directorate General of Traffic – Spain, has made, during the past month of July, a total of 180 random controls to vehicles, in different time zones and points of the population, where the general result, according to the words of Councilman Delegate of Security Antonio José Palazón Guillamón, “has been quite positive, since in a very high percentage the verifications have been satisfactory, finding most of the vehicles within legally established technical requirements” .

The Sergeant-Head of the Local Police of Archena, José Velasco Lucas, stated that during the controls, most of the infractions were related to the technical inspection of vehicles (ITV), a driver without a valid driving license in Spain, several positives for driving under the effects of alcohol and drugs, as well as a driver arrested for driving when he was deprived of it by judicial decision, placing himself immediately at the disposal of the Molina de Segura Guard Court.

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