The Board of Directors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water held in Archena, after the visit to different companies, with the ‘Limón Fino’ as the protagonist

The board of directors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water was held in Archena this morning, before the Councilor, together with the mayor, visited the facilities of the company Frutas Buendía, S.A. , the executives of this archenera firm have presented and exhibited the innovative facilities that are in execution project for the near future, both Del Amor and the mayor of Archena have reaffirmed their commitment to continue helping companies in this sector. The ‘Limón fino’ which is consolidated as the most cultivated citrus in the Region.

Taking advantage of the visit to the municipality, the counselor visited a company dedicated to the production and marketing of Lemon Fino. This crop is located as the most generated citrus in the region with an area close to 18,000 hectares, “which is 68.4 percent of all lemon trees,” said Del Amor.

The ‘Fino’ collection campaign that begins in the last third of September, extending until the end of March-April, is characterized by an entry into collection just at the moment when there is no competition with other varieties. For this year, a harvest of more than 522,000 tons is expected (representing 80.2 percent of the total of lemons) and “at a national level it is estimated that there will be a production of 920,000 tons. Of them, 57 percent will be fine Murcian lemons, “said the counselor.

He also stressed that “last year’s export data exceeded 401,000 tons, with a market value of 415 million euros.”

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