Sevilla-Zalgiris: Minimal advantage to play it all in Lithuania (1-0)

A goal by Banega gave the victory to a Sevilla with his mind in Tangier.

Victory for the minimum of Sevilla in the first leg of Q3 of the Europa League against a Zalgiris who knew how to play his cards and arrive with real chances to the duel back in a week in Lithuania. The whole of Pablo Machín, with an eleven thinking a lot in Tangier, dominated the match but only found the goal in a masterful lack of Banega that gives the minimum advantage to go to Vilnius without margin of relaxation. Aleix Vidal debuted and took the deshauciado Goose minutes.

Sevilla soon became owner and lord of the game, as was expected in the face of the potential difference of the teams. Banega was the first to try it with a deflected shot, but the one who took the most danger was Nolito, whose shot deflected Bartkus corner. Then a Chilean Ben Yedder also took the Lithuanian goal. The team of Machín dominated and arrived and only had to have more aim to pierce the Lithuanian frame. An aim that he found at 34 minutes thanks to a masterful lack of Banega that slipped through the squad.

Everything seemed to indicate that this much was going to unleash some more in local key. Nolito was about to do it after finishing a great play by Pejiño but finding Bartkus’ hands. However, the Zalgiris began to make it clear that he was not coming to Seville for tourism and that, at least, they were going to try. One against Simkovic finished at the hands of Vaclick and a good intervention of the Sevilla goal in a one-on-one with Ogana prevented the tie before the whistle that marked the tunnel of changing rooms.

After the break the domain was not so clear, although the first approaches of a slower Sevilla in the creation, and foreseeable, were the work of Aleix Vidal, whose low shot took the visiting goal to corner and Muriel in his first action coming from behind, shot to the side of the network. But, as we said, the Zalgiris did not lose his face to the game and Artal had a one-on-one with Vaclik that the forward crashed into the hands of the goalkeeper.

Muriel was toned, wanting to show that from behind makes better use of his qualities, but showed that the goal is still not his thing. A good incursion of the Colombian ended with a shot with the outside that went near the post. Arana was also encouraged, but Bartkus again appeared as a party pooper.

Pablo Machín began thinking about Tangier and withdrew from the field to Banega to give entry to Goose, surprising novelty in the call today. The last quarter of an hour was measured between the need to score a second goal that would give a more comfortable score for the return, and not make the mistake of fitting a draw that could make life very difficult for the Sevilla players in Lithuania. Finally, 1-0 and to do it in the round in Vilnius.
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