REGION OF MURCIA / Weekly program of the AECC until September 23

We enclose the WEEKLY AGENDA of the aecc Murcia in a very special week as we celebrate our XLVIII Regional Assembly in which we will surrender our outgoing president, Dr. D. Agustín Navarrete.

Sunday, September 23

ABARAN – CUESTACIÓN through the streets of the town.

MAZARRON – XLVIII REGIONAL ASSEMBLY. Tribute and Farewell to D. Agustín Navarrete

Order of Acts:

09:30 hours: Breakfast. Salons Zaira de Bolnuevo. Parking of private vehicles.

10:30 am: Holy Mass at the Sanctuary of La Purísima de Bolnuevo. Transfer by bus. Later tourist visit.

10:30 am: First round of guided visits to Puerto de Mazarrón, for the assembly members who decide not to attend Mass. Phoenician Ship Interpretation Center, Roman Salted Fish Factory and Puerto Deportivo.

These views will be made on buses and tourist trains from the Zaira Halls.

11:45 am: Reception at the City Hall to the Presidents of Local Boards and members of the Executive Council. Transfer by bus once the Mass is over.

1:00 pm: Assembly of the Provincial Board of the AECC in Murcia, Pabellón Polideportivo of the CEIP Miguel Delibes of Puerto de Mazarrón. Transfer in buses.

2:30 pm: Lunch at the Zaira de Bolnuevo Halls.

Attendees will be given a sketch of the situation of the acts.

The price of the covered per person is € 30. (VAT included)