Protests for the installation of a betting room 50 meters from a school

The AIP of the CEIP Anita Arnao denounces «the increase and boom of the gambling halls in the municipality» and warns of the gambling addiction in minors
The Association of Mothers, Parents and Families of Students of the CEIP Anita Arnao de Mula has launched a public complaint about the forthcoming opening of a large room for games and sports betting just 50 meters from the school. Through a statement, the AMPA shows its «deep rejection of the installation of these facilities,» and state that «the increase and significant boom of the gambling halls in our municipality, this would be the fifth to open its doors in the locality-, together with bad and deficient regulation by the Autonomous Community, has given rise to ludopathies in young and old, causing a serious social and family problem ».

The new premises would open its doors in the corner of the Courts with the avenue of La Paz, one of the spaces where the great majority of school children move to the educational center. From the AMPA emphasize that it is the Autonomous Community which has jurisdiction to regulate this type of activities and the limited scope of action of the municipalities without administrative or legal means to prohibit the opening of bookmakers and gambling in the vicinity of schools or institutes, as will happen in Mula with the one installed in the Gran Vía in front of IES Ortega y Rubio.