Paquito Navarro, hospitalized after breaking a glass of the paddle tennis court

Paquito Navarro has suffered a shocking accident this Saturday during the Oeiras Valley Portugal Master that takes place at the Monumental Stadium in Lisbon. The second set of the semifinal against Navarro and Juan Martín Díaz against Miguel Lamperti and Juan Mieres was running, when Paquito went to hit a ball in the back of the court and the unthinkable happened: due to the impact, one of the glasses of the track was shattered and fell on the player.
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Tremendo castañazo stuck @paquito_navarro in the semifinal of #WPTPortugalMaster
That you recover phenomenon!

16:11 – 22 sept. 2018
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Immediately Navarro was attended by the medical assistants, to later be transferred to the São Francisco Xavier hospital center. The player has suffered several cuts, in the knees, elbow and back, but according to the World Padel Tour through his Twitter account, Paquito Navarro “is well and conscious.”
World Padel Tour

🔊 @JuanMartin_Diaz: “Surely @Paquito_Navarro is going to replenish quickly” #FuerzaPaquito 💪 # WPTPortugalMaster🇵🇹

16:32 – 22 sept. 2018
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