Four injured, including a girl, after being hit by a car in Barcelona

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Four people were injured this morning in Barcelona after being hit by a car accidently after the driver lost control of the vehicle. Among the injured is a girl of 10 years, in serious condition.

The accident occurred at 8.30 at the intersection between Santaló and Travessera de Gràcia streets. At that time a tourism that was moving towards Besòs has invaded the sidewalk and overwhelmed everything that has been found ahead. In addition to the four injured, three of them slight, has also been carried in front of a terrace and several motorcycles.

Eight ambulances have moved to the place while agents of the Urban Police investigate the causes of the accident that point to a fading of the driver of tourism.

Guàrdia Urbana Barcelona

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Estem intervened in a traffic accident to Trav. Gràcia amb el carrer Santaló. Fem deviaments of the Trav. Gràcia pel carrer Santaló. # Infotrànsit

Guàrdia Urbana Barcelona

✔ @ barcelona_GUB

In l’accident have resulted ferides dues people, among them a minor. L’accident sembla that s’ha produit perquè a driver has perdut control of the vehicle i has pujat to the voider col·lidint amb diverses stationary bikes.

9:34 – 9 Nov 2018
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