Detained in Archena due to harassment, threats and attempted aggression against a minor

The mother of the victim gave the alarm to the police
The Local Police of Archena arrested this Saturday night a 26-year-old man for harassment, threats and attempted assault on a minor, as well as an attack on agents of the authority in the exercise of their functions.

The officers received at 23.22 hours the call of the minor’s mother, in which the woman indicated that her son was being harassed and threatened by a man and reported that they were next to a recreation room, located on Avenida of the lane of the municipality.

Upon arrival of the Local Police patrol, the officers observed how the mother was with her son, in a state of nervousness. Also present was the alleged harasser, who on several occasions tried to go to the child, at which time the patrol required him to desist in his attitude, as well as to identify himself.

According to the same sources, before the police requests, the detainee began to throw blows against the agents, having to be reduced. During the identification he provided a false identity, although later it was fully identified. The detainee responds to the initials D.D. and on him weigh recent history by sexual abuses to a minor, among other facts. The arrested was transferred to the Archena Civil Guard barracks to be brought before the courts.