Cartagena and Archena open the inscriptions of the school contest ‘My Digital Newspaper’

The truth
Students of the IES Juan Sebastián Elcano and El Ope School are the first to join the competition, which will have juicy prizes for the winners
In Cartagena and Archena. From these two locations are the intrepid reporters who have opened the inscriptions of the school contest ‘My Digital Newspaper’. Students of the IES Juan Sebastián Elcano and El Ope school will have the opportunity to tell firsthand their closest reality, what happens in the day to day of their neighborhood, their location or educational center, and that they consider that it deserves to be disseminated, to your friends, neighbors or colleagues. To do this, and in order to show how sharp their pens are or what their goal is for their photo and video cameras, these young chroniclers will have at their disposal a web portal on which to publish their own online newspaper. ‘; a space that, in addition, will be for the newspaper archives.

Participating is very simple. The only requirement is to study sixth grade of Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate or a Middle Grade Vocational Training in a school or institute of the Region of Murcia, form a group of between 4 and 6 students, and have the support of a teacher from the center who performs the registration. Give repercussion to a well-executed journalistic work could seem enough reward for the participants in the X edition of this event, organized once again by the Autonomous Community and by the newspaper ‘La Verdad’; but, in addition, the best stories, the most interesting ones and those narrated in a more complete way, will have juicy ‘extra’ prizes. Among them, PlayStation 4 game consoles, iPads, ‘smartphones’, laptops, GoPro cameras and eBooks.

To participate
Fill out the registration form enabled in
The deadline to register new teams (between 4 and 6 students) ends on February 10. The competition will be between February 11 and March 3.
PlayStation 4, iPad, laptops, GoPro cameras, smartphones and e-books await the winners.
In total, there will be three intense weeks to hunt for the that will start just a day after the end of the registration period, set for next February 10. The imminent edition of the contest ‘My Digital Newspaper’ is sponsored by Hospital Quirónsalud Murcia, Thader shopping center (Murcia), Grupo Fuertes and Iberdrola.