Authorize to transfer 20 hm3 from Tajo to Segura

The Technical Commission for Exploitation of the Tajo-Segura Aqueduct has met today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Ecological Transition where they have approved, finally, a transfer of 20 hm3 for the month of August. Of these, 7.5 hm3 will be used for water supply and 12.5 hm3 for irrigation.

This resolution of the commission has taken place when verifying that the head of the Tajo (Entrepeñas and Buendía) is in level 3. This registry supposes that a maximum volume of up to 20 hm3 per month must be authorized in a discretionary but motivated manner. In addition, the sending of water to the receiving basins must be authorized by the Ministry. For this, the Technical Commission prepared an information on the situation of the system.

This report is the one that was analyzed this morning at the meeting. The documentation confirms the state of the Entrepeñas and Buendía reservoirs at the beginning of August, which registered a flow of 652.2 hm3. Likewise, a forecast is made of the future evolution of reserves in the reservoirs in the next semester.

After the balance of the data, the Technical Commission concludes that the situation of the system would remain at level 3 without there being any risk of approaching level 4. Even so, they have agreed to meet again in the first days of September to verify the status of the system. The basins.

This new contribution that was in the air, gives again a respite to the irrigators of the south of the province and Murcia. Joins the one who arrived this morning from Júcar to Vinalopó, from which more than 600 irrigators from the Agrarian Society of San Enrique can benefit.

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