At least seven dead in a fire in a building in Paris

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Some thirty people have been injured, one of them serious. Some 200 firefighters worked more than five hours in extinguishing the fire
Seven people have died and another has been seriously injured this Monday night in the fire of a building in the southwest of Paris, as reported by firefighters. Another 30 people, including three firefighters, suffered minor injuries.


Three dead, including a Spanish, by a strong explosion in a bakery in the center of Paris
Some 200 firemen worked on extinguishing the fire, which started at 1:00 am and was not controlled until 6:30. The affected building, with eight floors, was built in the seventies. Some residents took refuge on the rooftops to escape the flames, forcing firefighters into complicated rescue work, using ladders, endangering their own lives, said a body spokesman, Clement Cognon.

The rescue teams do not rule out the appearance of new victims, particularly in the upper floors, the last ones in which the fire spread.

The damaged building, located near the forest of Bologna, one of the green lungs of the city, which was devastated, which forced the evacuation of two adjacent blocks as a precaution. The flames were declared on the side of an interior courtyard of the building, which hindered the work of firefighters to control it.

The fire surprised many sleeping neighbors, which, added to the speed with which the flames spread, can explain the high number of victims.

A gas explosion in a bakery in the center of the city caused a major fire in the center of Paris on January 12, which killed four people, including a Spanish tourist.