ARCHENA / And the siren rang for the last time


Yes now. The siren of the old Colegio Miguel Medina / Las Graduadas rang on Wednesday, January 23, 2018 for the last time. You will never again announce that a new day of class begins, a new opportunity to learn, to change or to reaffirm you, will never announce that it is school lunch time, perhaps for many people the best time of each day in those years in which they could at least feed themselves in schools. It will never announce the end of the school day or let us know that the recess begins or ends or that there is a mock evacuation of the Center due to the possibility of fire.
Gone are thousands and thousands of days where thousands and thousands of people also learned to think, to respect, to discover their talents, to dream, to believe and to trust in themselves, in short, to «be». That has been the goal of so many teachers who for 77 years had the honor of exercising that profession, so suffered at times but always honorable.
For the last time, the students have returned to enjoy with affection of their old school, to remember experiences and people. The Primary students, last «inhabitants» of the building, have visited their school for the last time, in the company of the teachers, since soon, around the main building, which will continue to reign over the place, a public and a round car park will be built.
During two days, the students could play, run around the playground, have lunch with their classmates and be photographed with them on the entrance staircase to seal those first school years of their life. There were also two contest-type activities, one directed to the I Section, consisting of drawing the school and another, directed to II Section, consisting of an essay about their memories in it. During these days some diplomas of memory were given to the winners and the winner of the newsroom had the opportunity to read it in front of their classmates.
All the experiences and sensations lived in it will be kept inside its thick walls.

Expire 75B / 2018. Tender Work «Urban planning of the old Miguel Medina school»
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