ARCHENA / the municipal library will be named after the teacher Mari Carmen Campoy

Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Archena

The ordinary plenary session of the Municipality of Archena has unanimously approved all the municipal groups to call the Municipal Library of Archena as ‘Biblioteca Mari Carmen García Campoy’. A proposal that was taken to the Municipal Government Board by the Mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández, and approved by the plenary session of this afternoon. This Archenera teacher was born in 1949 and died in 1997. In this way the City wants to honor posthumously a this teacher giving name to these cultural dependencies, as well as being able to carry out cultural activities to publicize her great work throughout her professional life in the municipality.

The group of Choirs and Dances Verderol requested this recognition, since this group owes its origin to the performance and commitment of Mari Carmen García when she taught Jotas in the school. In this way, the teacher valued everything related to popular culture, roots and traditions when at that time these types of issues were ignored and sometimes discredited. From the pedagogical point of view she was a teacher with full dedication that from educational innovation, full confidence in the worth of her students and her passion to educate, she won the admiration of many archeneros and archeneras for generations.

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