ARCHENA / Laying of a new wooden railing in the plaza of the Other Lao district

The Mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández López, and the Councilman of the Presidency, Fulgencio García Nicolás, visited the works for the placement of the new wooden railing that is located in the main square of the Other Lao neighborhood, next to Ceip Micaela Sanz Green, for the protection of users and residents of the area. It has a length of 90 meters and borders the entire plaza. It is a work carried out by the Mixed Program of Employment and Training, within the campaign of Installation and Maintenance of Gardens and Green Areas of the City of Archena.

Since March 28, the Mixed Employment and Training Program for older people “Archena Verde” has been operating, with a subsidy from the SEF Regional Employment and Training Service of € 281,760.30, for a total of one year. 18 working students and students, carrying out maintenance work in the gardens of the town, while receiving the corresponding training of the Certificate of Professionalism of “Installation and Maintenance of Gardens and Green Areas”.

The last work carried out has been the construction of a 90 meter railing. of length made with sticks, in the garden of C / Molina of the neighborhood of ‘El Otro Lao’

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