ARCHENA / Important financial aid from the City Council to Parish Caritas to help the most disadvantaged families

Source: City Council of Archena

The president of Cáritas Parroquial de Archena, Alfonso Alburquerque, also parish priest of San Juan Bautista and vicar of the area, has collected from the mayor Patricia Fernández López a check for an important amount to help the most disadvantaged families.

The Municipal Government Board approved in its weekly meeting of January 28 this economic subsidy to this NGO Archena as municipal aid for its annual campaign in the distribution of food, medicine, clothing and other household needs to the most disadvantaged families of the municipality , as well as non-profit institutions or groups, as it has been doing for years.

Other activities of Caritas are aimed at assistance, rehabilitation and social inclusion of people in need or at risk of social exclusion.

The mayor was accompanied by the Councilor for Social Policy, Ángela Gómez García.