ARCHENA / Detained in Franganti when they tried to steal in the Abastos market


The head of the Archena Local Police José Velasco informed this editorial, that in the early morning, Friday night, at 03:30 and on Saturday morning, two people were arrested whose initials are AB, nationality Guineana and BB, from The Gambia, aged 22 and 23 respectively, when they were trying to perpetrate another robbery inside the municipal food market.

These arrests are the result of the various robberies suffered in recent months in the said market, of which several complaints have been lodged by the merchants, who saw Saturday after Saturday morning how their posts had been robbed during Friday nights, Archena Local Police, prepared a special monitoring device both inside the market and in the outskirts, which this Saturday resulted in the arrest of the perpetrators of these robberies, when they were surprised after climbing the perimeter fence of the municipal market of The men wore dark clothes and gloves, and began to search through the stalls of that market and to put the merchandise in bags.

It is customary in Archena to prepare the stands on Friday for the day of Saturday, the day of the traditional market.

The detainees have numerous criminal records for theft and attempted robbery in the town, as well as robberies inside vehicles and usurpation of homes, are now available to the Civil Guard.