ARCHENA / Conference on Sexual Education in School and Family on 01/28/2019

Imparted by Isabel Guerrero Campoy, next January 28 at 4.30 pm, at the Ramon Centenero Cultural Center, the conference «Sex education in centers and family», for teachers, Ampas and the general public.

When do we have to start talking about sexuality?
What do I do if I do not know how to answer your questions?
Is it the same sex as sexuality?
And how to approach the subject if you do not ask me?
What’s wrong with this topic?
With sexuality something very curious happens that does not happen with other themes and with
other aspects of our life and it is fear, taboo, modesty, insecurity or avoidance to talk about the subject with children, daughters or with students.
The family and the educational centers teach, educate, form, transmit the healthy and desirable values ​​with which, it is expected, the person must grow, trying to make these values ​​conduct their personal, social and sexual
But what happens when that function is not fulfilled as expected?
When does the adult feel he is not ready?
When is the subject avoided?
When is it left aside?
When does it generate fears?
Even in 2019, from the regulated system, we are not taught to talk about affections, emotions, bonds and sexuality. And we can not expect them to do what they They are not ready to do.
That’s why we will talk about sex education and two socializing agents principal in the first years of life that are the family and the educational center.
We want to create a space for dialogue and reflection of our sexual education and of how we do that sex education with our childhood and adolescence.
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Isabel Guerrero Campoy.
Social Educator and Feminist Sexologist.
Master in Self-knowledge, sexuality and human relations in the Therapy of
Master of Sexual Education for Community Health and Sexual Therapy.
With extensive experience in the coordination and implementation of programs
of socio-educational intervention aimed at the young population and women.
From 2006 to 2011 he coordinated the youth participation programs
organized by the Institute of Youth of the Region of Murcia: The fair of
youth associations «Zona Joven» and the education program for the
participation: «nueve.e» that was implemented in more than twenty municipalities of the region with young people between 13 and 18 years of age.
Currently working in AMAIM, Murcian association of support for children abused where it promotes awareness, prevention and training in the child abuse through campaigns and training activities. It facilitates the advice, guidance and referral to possible cases of abuse.
Creator of Sexualidad y Buentrato, a love project, based on the
expression of freedom, self-love, feminism and personal development related to sexuality. Here you can find more information:
Facilitates and teaches workshops, courses and all types of training activities and treatments on sexualities, prevention of sexist violence, feminisms, prevention of child abuse, emotional education, gender, duels and self-knowledge from Reencounter Therapy.
Twitter: @Sabelitabel