ARCHENA / Arrested for sexually abusing her 11-year-old stepdaughter

The opinion
From the school in which the little girl studied, they raised the alarm, after the child told her teachers what her stepfather was doing when her mother left home
From the school Emilio Candel, in the town of Archena, they gave the alarm to the Benemérita. And is that the victim had relied on their teachers to relate the ordeal he was living in his own home, since the previous year, he said.

The student in question, a girl of only 11 years of age, told her tutor that she had been sexually abused for some time by her stepfather. A circumstance that the mother of the minor would not know about. As the little girl explained, her attacker took advantage of the moments in which the woman was absent from the house to subject her to various touching of a sexual nature, according to sources close to the investigation.

The abuses, the girl pointed out, had been going on for months, although she had not dared to speak until then.

In addition, said the girl, the man came to offer money in exchange for maintaining sex with penetration, something to which the girl refused.

When there is knowledge of a case of sexual abuse, a protocol is set up in schools that includes, as a priority, support for the victim, as well as the knowledge of the case to the competent authority, in this case the Armed Institute.

In this way, the teachers contacted the Civil Guard, which launched the pertinent investigation and last Friday, the 25th, proceeded to locate and arrest the alleged aggressor, identified by the victim.

The subject responds to the initials C. A. M., is 38 years old and is originally from Guatemala. He is investigated as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual abuse. Now he must be brought before the courts (he will do so at the corresponding Magistrate’s Court in Molina de Segura) and the judge will decide his fate.