ALHAMA / The Department of Education allocates 21,000 euros to AMPAS

The City Council of Alhama has signed a new agreement with the associations of fathers and mothers of the six public schools of the municipality that will serve to collaborate in the program of leisure activities and free time launched by the Department of Education, as well as the management of a book bank that allows the students of each center to have free textbooks.

The council will program and manage the workshops and activities of the leisure and municipal free time program from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, keeping the educational centers open at this time with various workshops for which monitors will be responsible.

A monthly fee of € 8 per student is established and two leisure and free time workshops and € 5 per workshop that adds to the previous ones. The total amount, which exceeds 21,000 euros, will go to AMPAS; 50% will be used for the provision of the Bank of Books, reading books for the school library, computer resources, air conditioning and equipment for the classrooms of each center, 35% for financing educational projects of its center and investment in material or other educational needs that may arise and 15% management and operation expenses of the association.

The AMPAS are committed to collaborate in the management of the book bank of its center, and will gradually endowing it and increasing it in function of the economic collection that they receive from the leisure and free time activities, also trying progressively that year after all the students of its center benefit with the free acquisition of textbooks, being excluded 3rd and 4th year of Primary Education by endowing them the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

The Department of Education maintains this program from the 2015/2016 course, with activities that are configured as a playful and formative element, seeking to promote the climate of coexistence and enhancing values ​​such as collaboration, cooperation and respect, in addition to helping to acquire skills of teamwork

Among the activities that are offered include those of a playful nature (theater, painting, dance, guitar), sports and motor skills (motor skills, body expression, dramatization) and reading animation.