Unemployment rises by 52,195 people and membership increases by 130,360

The total registered unemployed reaches 3,254,703 and the level of contributors reaches 18,993,073
Source: Cadena Ser
Unemployment has increased in October in 52,195 people, bringing the total number of registered unemployed to 3,254,703. While Social Security totals 130,360 new members, reaching a total of 18,993,073 employed contributors

Unemployment rises in September to 20,441 people and membership increases to 22,899
The figures are better than those of October last year, because although unemployment increases, it increases slightly less than in the same month of 2017 (52,195 new unemployed this time, compared with 56,844 in October 2017), and the increase in affiliates in greater this time (130,360 new contributors – record for an October in the series-, compared to 94,368 in October last year). Thus, the affiliation is again on the edge of the 19 million people, while unemployment stands at 3,254,703.

Registered unemployment has fallen in October in three Autonomous Communities: Comunidad Valenciana (-2.902), Madrid (-2.106) and País Vasco (-622). It rises in the remaining communities, especially Andalusia (+10,854) and Catalonia (+10,853). In job creation, again in October it is the Education sector that contributes the most, more than 148,000 new members, rehired with the beginning of the course. The construction (+16.229), the artistic and recreational activities (+15.087) and the Public Administration (+13.603) also gain affiliation. The sector that destroys most employment is the Hospitality Industry (-59.249).

In hiring, this October has broken the record of holding indefinite contracts of the entire historical series, with 242,342 signed, an increase of 19% over the same month a year ago. However, in the same month, more than two million temporary contracts have been signed, meaning that permanent contracts represent 10.8% of the total contract.

The coverage rate, the percentage of unemployed who have worked before and has access to benefits or subsidies, reaches 56.6%, almost two points more than a year ago. It also improves the percentage of recipients of the contributory benefit, which is the improvement: they are almost 45% total.