THE UNION / Vulnerable unemployed receive their certificates after completing their training in gardening and cleaning

The general director of the SEF, Severa González, and the mayor of La Union, Pedro López, today delivered the certificates of use to the participants in two training actions of this association: ‘Auxiliary activities in nurseries, gardens and garden centers’ and’ Cleaning surfaces and furniture in buildings and premises.

The majority of the participants in these projects were people who were registered as unemployed in the SEF and belong to vulnerable groups with special difficulties in accessing employment.

In addition, González has held a meeting with the seven young people hired for six months by the Sierra Minera Foundation thanks to the Community grants to promote youth employment in non-profit organizations.

These young people are now participating in a six-month paid project to develop the Sierra Minera. Thus, they exercise different tasks according to their profiles, such as social and labor activities for the benefit of vulnerable groups, social dynamization, forest tasks or tourist information.