The EU certifies in writing that the territory of Gibraltar does not consider British

Fuente:  Cadena Ser

wo written declarations, to which Cadena SER has had, certify that Gibraltar will not be considered British territory without denying or affirming the sovereignty of anyone: «The application of art. 184 that sets the obligation to negotiate future agreements does not establish any obligation on the territory in which these agreements are to be applied «, is the first and has the acceptance of the British government.

Sanchez announces that Spain raises the veto and tomorrow will vote «yes» to the ‘Brexit’
The second is a declaration only to 27 in which it states that «any agreement between the EU and the territory of Gibraltar will require prior acceptance by the United Kingdom and Spain.»

It seemed impossible but «Brussels always finds a solution», affirms satisfied a diplomat who after so many hours of tension celebrates the announcement of Pedro Sánchez confirming the withdrawal of the Spanish veto.

It has been hard, «very difficult, really», explains a source close to the negotiation with a smile in his voice, confirming that the agreement has been closed at 2pm and after a call from the President of the European Council.

Donald Tusk has assured Sánchez that in addition to the document that will be approved tomorrow by the 27 heads of government, he and Juncker will sign a letter.

The text summarizes the content of the other documents but bears the personal signature of the two presidents.

The 27 thus guarantee to the government of Spain that the future agreement with the United Kingdom will not be applicable to the territory of Gibraltar unless «the United Kingdom and Spain decide otherwise».

It is the reason for the whole fight, to prevent the EU from considering British Gibraltar taking for granted that what is proved from tomorrow and in the near future will be applicable on this territory as if the pending dispute with Spain did not exist.

The document with these guarantees is a document to «legally interpret Article 184 of the Brexit Treaty», the Treaty setting out the conditions of exit from the United Kingdom and ensuring that «both parties would work quickly to to conclude a future agreement of application according to the respective laws and this own Treaty «.

A paragraph that lit the alarms because it did not include any differentiated reference to Gibraltar, something that Spain believed guaranteed.

But May did not want this difference to be written down in a legal text, which is why the entire Spanish delegation went into a rage.

Since last Monday, the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Marco Aguiriano, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell and the President of the Spanish Government have repeated that Spain could not accept the agreement and after several days of uncertainty, they have managed to agree on this exit.

In addition to the document interpreting article 184, a second statement says that «When the United Kingdom has left, Gibraltar will not be part of the territorial scope of the agreements concluded between the EU and the United Kingdom», although «this does not prejudge the possibility of closing agreements between the EU and the United Kingdom with respect to Gibraltar. Always without prejudice to the competences of the EU and full respect for the territorial integrity of the Member States. » These separate agreements will require prior agreement by the United Kingdom and Spain. «