The Civil Guard and the Bullas Local Police arrest the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual abuse

The arrested person is allegedly responsible for the crime of sexual abuse

The fluid collaboration between the Benemérita and the Bullas Local Police has made it possible to clarify the criminal act quickly

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia and the Local Police Bullas have developed a joint action aimed at clarifying a crime of sexual abuse that took place during the afternoon of yesterday in Bullas and that has culminated a few hours later with the location and arrest of his alleged perpetrator.

The events took place about six o’clock yesterday afternoon, October 9, when the last day of their patron saint festivities was celebrated in Bullas. Apparently, while the victim was walking through one of the streets of the town has been approached by a man, who has sexually abused it.

After detecting the commission of the crime, agents of the Benemérita and the Local Police Bullas have gathered all possible information on the commission of the crime and the identity of its author, shortly after identifying it.

The agents have established a search device on the suspect that has culminated, two hours later, with his location and detention as alleged perpetrator of the crime of sexual abuse.

The Bulgarian arrested, of 58 years and resident in Bullas, along with the diligences instructed, will be put at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Mula (Murcia).