PILAR DE LA HORADADA / PP and Unión Pilareña join forces for the municipal elections of 2019

Source: Diario de la Vega

Both formations present a unique project headed by José María Pérez Sánchez
The Popular Party and the Pilareña Union will join forces for the municipal elections of 2019 and, soon, it will be formalized with the integration of the Pilareñista team in the popular ranks. «The illusion that represents this new political project for both formations has been reflected in the fluidity and cordiality with which the previous conversations have been developed», affirm from both formations.

The project led by José María Pérez as a candidate of the Popular Party has been decisive to add the support of the militancy of both parties. «We join the Popular Party convinced that we will make the best project to work for the men and women of Pilar de la Horadada,» said the spokesman of Unión Pilareña, Angel Albaladejo.

For his part, the president of the PP, Rufino Lancharro, says that «this union strengthens the idea of renewal of the project started a little over a year ago by the current Popular Party team in which fit all those who share the desire to work by Pilar de la Horadada «.

«Now it is time to work together, as we have always done in our town, to get Pilar de la Horadada to have the best mayor: José María Pérez», indicate Albaladejo and Lancharro.