Pedro Sánchez invests 1,000 million in the Campo de Gibraltar on the first day of the Andalusian campaign

Source: The World

The PSOE launches the first day of the campaign of the Andalusian elections with an injection of 1,000 million for the Campo de Gibraltar, approved today by the Council of Ministers. The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has been in charge of announcing it. The plan in this area, in which 8 ministries have participated, is linked to the agreement between Brussels and the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and the 10,000 employees who cross the border every day to work in Gibraltar. Therefore, he explained, specific actions have been launched for this area that includes an investment in infrastructure and communications of 810 million euros and measures in education. Unemployment in the Campo de Gibraltar reaches 25%, 10 points more than the average.

Despite the fact that the Executive met in Seville three weeks ago, it was just now that this million-dollar investment was announced. However, it was already speculated that in that meeting could be approved a rain of millions, the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, has also taken the opportunity to present to the Council of Ministers a report on the Agricultural Policy Cómun (PAC) that will seek to improve the situation of small and medium-sized farms, women and young people. Agriculture has a major weight in the Andalusian economy.

Grande-Marlaska has denied today that the investment in Campo de Gibraltar is linked to the elections on December 2 and has ensured that if the approval was not given at the meeting in Seville is a matter of «appearance.» «That was important, even though it obeyed objective criteria.» In short, everything was already outlined but it has been preferred to announce it now. The Government claims that this area is being dealt with but that it could be «Lanzarote» or «Bajo Llobregat» and the action of the Executive «can not be paralyzed» provided that «it does not directly or indirectly affect the electoral process». In this sense, no type of reprobation by the Electoral Board is feared.

According to polls that have transcended the PSOE would win the Andalusian elections with ease, with a distance of even 10 points, over the second in the contest. From Seville a campaign in autonomic key and of management has been raised, to which now contributes the plan of almost 1.000 million approved by the Government. The contamination of the national political situation is to be avoided at all costs. That is why President Pedro Sánchez has hardly any presence in the campaign. One of the most important events that he was going to attend, on Sunday the 25th in Marbella, together with Susana Díaz is now on the air for the convocation of an extraordinary summit on Brexit on the 24th and 25th.