MAZARRÓN / Family finances with 512,506 euros the attention to 317 people with disabilities

The Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities will allocate a total of 512,506 euros this year to the care of 317 people with disabilities in the municipality of Mazarrón. Of these, 280 children are assisted in the Center for Child Development and Early Care and 37 people with disabilities receive services in the day center of the municipality.

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Violante Tomás, recently signed with the mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jiménez, the agreement for the expansion of three more places in the day center, which already has a funding of 379,664 euros.

The regional government is committed to the care of people with disabilities with the expansion of residential places and the day center service. Since 2015 a total of 785 new places have been created, which represents a total offer of 4,378 places, between day centers and residences.

The expansion of places in day centers located in different parts of the Region guarantees to provide the specialized attention needed by people with disabilities, within their usual environment, where they have developed their lives close to their families.

Day centers for people with disabilities are social resources aimed at people whose degree of disability requires an extensive level of support, and where they receive educational, health and food attention. The specialized staff works on the development of their potential, through the learning of basic behaviors, in order to achieve the highest degree of personal autonomy and social inclusion.

It is a day service, open, that responds to the needs of users and their families and offers an active orientation, through the realization of training activities, acquisition of skills of personal autonomy, social skills, therapeutic rehabilitation, as well as leisure.

The objectives to be achieved in the day centers are to facilitate the maintenance of skills, achieve for people with disabilities the achievement of a quality of life as normalized as possible, achieve a personal and social development that allows them a better inclusion in their community environment, the maximum degree of participation in the community and the realization of intellectual and manual skills learning.