LORCA / The PSOE denounces that Gil Jódar has not been able to get even a penny from the distribution of regional funds destined for the recovery of archaeological sites

Source: PSOE Lorca

The Regional Government of Lorca Lopez Miras once again despises Lorca and destines «zero euros» to the pending excavations, necessary for the recovery and enhancement of the archaeological wealth of the municipality, in areas such as the surroundings of the Castle, the synagogue of Lorca, Serrata, La Quintilla or on the hill of Las Viñas de Coy.

The councilor of the PSOE in the City of Lorca, María Antonia García Jiménez regretted that Gil Jódar has not been able to «repel a cent» of the distribution of regional public funds allocated by the Autonomous Community for the recovery and enhancement of archaeological sites in the Region.

García Jiménez has ensured that once again, the «desidiosa and indolent» policy of the Popular Party in the City of Lorca has made them «unable» to get «not one euro» from the distribution of public funds, 497,299 euros specifically, that the Ministry of Culture of the Region of Murcia has allocated to other municipalities in the Region.

The mayor has shown his outrage after Lorca has been left out in the distribution of these funds, despite the repeated motions of the Municipal Socialist Group to achieve this type of funding, necessary to restart the pending excavations, demanded by experts and professionals, with which to re-bet for the recovery and valorization of the splendid archaeological sites of our municipality.

García Jiménez has asked the Mayor for explanations, and has asked why neither he nor his councilors have not got a euro to restart excavations in the vicinity of the Synagogue, or why no investment has been projected for one of the most important parks paleontological of Spain, as it is the one of the Serrata, neither for the deposit of the Quintilla or the one of the Hill of the Viñas, in Coy.

The mayor of the PSOE ask what these days have been dedicated Mayor and his team to miss this opportunity. «They could have already taken advantage of, for example, the recent visit of Mrs. Miriam Guardiola, who apparently only came to take pictures in the Synagogue, and left without anyone from her colleagues to raise the urgent need to obtain funding for the Excavations in the vicinity of the Castle «. «Lorca can not continue living with his back to his heritage,» insists García Jiménez.

Faced with the contempt that the PP maintains towards our patrimony, the Lorca PSOE has proposed on several occasions that a plan of actions be developed and executed to recover and put in value the archaeological sites of the municipality, as well as the results of the excavations until the date carried out, as a dynamic element of the economic and tourist activity of the municipality.

«Excavation tourism has become a symbol a fundamental asset in the economy, as well as a means to vindicate the identity and uniqueness of peoples in the face of cultural uniformity.» So much so, assures that in today’s society, archeology has reached a «prominent role in the socio-economic field,» he reiterates.