Fuente Álamo reaffirms its commitment to the environment with its’Villa Sostenible’ project

Source: City Hall of Fuente Álamo

Fuente Álamo has taken a step further in its commitment to the environment with the launch of the initiative ‘Sustainable Villa’, which includes a series of actions aimed at all social segments of the town, with the aim of increasing awareness for respect and conservation of the environment.

The project, articulated through a Master Plan, includes various actions such as the circular economy, mobility or the use of resources. To this end, the Consistory wants to involve the whole society, from institutions or associations, through companies and businesses, agriculture and livestock, or the educational community.

The mayor, Antonio Jesús García Conesa, stressed the importance of «counting on the collaboration of everyone, from children to adults, so that in their day to day they can apply sustainable habits that are in keeping with respect for the environment.»

In this regard, explained that the brand ‘Fuente Álamo Villa Sostenible’ will be incorporated into the corporate image of the Consistory, and stressed that «the idea is to be a municipality where we can boast of environmental care in the long term, thinking about the legacy that we are going to leave to future generations. »

García Conesa, who appeared accompanied by the Councilor for Finance and Heritage, Interior, Administration, Employment, Economic Activities and Infrastructure, Emilio Ramón Cabrera, stressed that one of the pillars of this initiative is business collaboration, especially of the companies that provide municipal public services, as well as the primary sector, for the importance of agriculture and livestock in the town.


As for the activities, for the youngest visitors have been designed visits to the educational centers of ‘The recyclers’, while for Secondary students there are awareness talks, the EcoArte contest, and visits to the Ecoparque and the treatment plant. of solid urban waste from Cañada Hermosa, in Murcia.

Other actions will coincide with international celebrations related to sustainability, such as the International Days of Recycling, Pure Air, or Free of Plastic Bags; or the world days of the Bicycle, the Biodiversity, the Environment, Without Cars, the Water, the Saving of Energy, or for a Responsible Consumption.

Awareness areas will also be installed during the main events of the Villa, such as the Fuente Álamo Triathlon, as well as at the patron saint festivities of all the towns of the municipality, or at the Christmas market.

At the same time, the ‘Sustainable Villa Álamo’ Awards will be awarded, with Social and Business categories, in recognition of citizens, institutions, companies or associations committed to caring for the environment and respect for the environment.

At the same time, a communication campaign will be developed which, together with the logo ‘Sustainable Villa Álamo Fuente’, will be accompanied by the slogan ‘We respect the environment, we take care of our future. You accompany us? ‘, Which will be included in all the posters and events organized by the City Council.