ARCHENA / New route to know our historical heritage of the Athenaeum Villa de Archena

Archena has a rich and extensive historical heritage from the first manifestations of Argaric and Iberian settlements and cultures to our most recent history.

There are many sites and places of singular importance that deserve to be known and preserved.

However, we observe the slow and continuous deterioration and the disappearance of the archaeological sites and places of historical interest.
With this ITINERARY we initiate a campaign to vindicate the study, recovery, didactic use and knowledge of our HERITAGE.
This itinerary will be held next Sunday, December 2nd. The departure time will be at 9:30 am from the door of the Senior Center.
The itinerary is as follows: Ope, Camino del Balneario next to the Military Residence, Balneario de Archena, riverside promenade and San Juan bautista Church. In total there are 4 km and the difficulty of the route is low (only a stretch by path)
The Explanation Points:
Ope (Hoya and Mirador Norte), Monte del Balneario, Balneario (two points), paseo-Azud del Tinajón and paseo-Puente de Hierro to conclude in the Church.
The explanations will be: about the first settlers, Argaric Culture, Iberian World, Rome and Hot Springs, Castle of Archena, use of space and water uses, The Order of San Juan, Moriscos, Disentailment to conclude in the SXX.
They accompany us comment on this itinerary:
Maria Isabel Molina Campuzano (Master student of Medieval History)
Jose Miguel Abad González (Professor of Modern History at the IES Pedro Guillén.
Joaquín Lomba Professor of Ancient History at the UMU. Chief Archaeologist of the Cabezo de la Yesera Deposit.
José Antonio Molina Gómez. Professor University of Ancient History of the UMU.
Gonzalo Matilla Professor Ancient History – Rome of the UMU. Archaeologist Head of the Excavation in Balneario de Archena
José Miñano. Self-taught, Photographer. Tell us about the first settlers.
Manuel Enrique Medina. Official Chronicler of the Villa de Archena. Author of the History of Archena.