ABARAN / Take the opportunity to know what many already enjoy.

Photo report

• A walk or mountain bike tour (not motorbikes, please) upstream river, between Abarán and Cieza, on its left bank, starting from the pedestrian footbridge of the Parque de las Norias, is an ecotourism proposal available to those who like Enjoy outdoor activities. Old buildings, currently in a state of ruin, tell us about a past that yesterday, without a doubt, gave a lot of life to such a unique place and that today offers other possibilities to photography enthusiasts. A unique landscape waiting to be visited.
The difficulty of the route is low, although it is convenient not to get distracted at a very specific point -in the middle of the section- when crossing a small footbridge made with wooden boards almost on the water. Prudence.
Attention should be paid to the informative posters -pictures in the report- located along the way, illustrating the walk and informing about the place visited and about the LIFE + SEGURA RIVERLINK Project, which includes, apart from removing the vegetation dead (basically palm trees victims of the red-breasted beetle), continue with the elimination of canes and continue planting shrubs and native trees: reeds, brambles, elms, poplars, willows, tarays, … That is, forming an authentic forest of riverside and gallery.
It is clear that everything we discover is interesting, and that the only thing that remains is the traces of bad acts carried out by those who dirty or destroy; as they were not educated for more profitable actions, far from adding, subtract. It is never too late to change behavior.
Special attention deserves the weir in which a scale of barbels was built, an authentic artificial stream perfectly integrated in its environment and that allows us to see and hear the «strength» of the river, as it appears in the attached PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT (03.13.2019) ), whose images should be savored one at a time. Take advantage of the occasion, do not miss it.