Abarán / Step by step, photo by photo, by Macicandú.



Any time of the year is good to shop around Abarán, entrance door to the Ricote Valley, but doing it in the spring, which here always precedes the calendar, has a plus of light and color.

Those of us who live here can leave home and go to any of the four cardinal points, nature will never fail us. Now, when we ask for an opinion and we have to recommend a good trip, forgetting the car, affordable at any age, with zero degree of difficulty, we usually recommend (I speak for myself): Ribera del Segura or Macicandú, with Sierra del Oro at the bottom. Appropriate clothes, good footwear and photo machine or mobile phone, to go «stealing» images.

The photographic report that I offer to the lovers of the beautiful, I have «harvested» it during two hours of going up and down (llanear little, in Abarán we presume of slopes) by Macicandú, with the corresponding paraditas, doing photos of what more has caught my attention and I hope that you, who have the deference to visit this portal, enjoy seeing them as much as I do them. See them and compare them, they do not wear out. And remember that there are thousands of scenes better than these waiting for you. He will be glad to come. I’m sure.