Venezuela: the backing of Guaidó leaves Maduro in a diplomatic limbo

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Nicolás Maduro has ceased to be the president of Venezuela for the Government of Spain and for most of Europe. While waiting for the cascade of events that will stem from this decision during the week, Pedro Sanchez made official yesterday the recognition of Juan Guaidó as «president in charge» of Venezuela with the horizon of calling «free, democratic elections with guarantees» , and without exclusions in the shortest time possible. »

Maduro is no longer anyone for the Spanish Executive, which culminated the term of eight days granted for him to place the polls. His refusal, truffled as well as insults to the President of the Government, which he called «Trump’s wimp», now places Spain on the side of Guaidó so that, through the International Contact Group, which encompasses European and Ibero-American countries, help in the transition towards those longed for presidential elections.

The formal declaration of Sanchez places the Cabinet of Nicolás Maduro in a diplomatic limbo. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not take any steps yesterday, nor took any further action, pending how events unfold in the coming days. The following decisions will be known «step by step», the president assured after his morning intervention in Moncloa.

Josep Borrell’s team shuffles several options, which can be adapted to the response officially adopted by Caracas – more radical or more temperate – and the movements of Juan Guaidó, who can now name his diplomatic representatives in Europe. That is why, in Foreign Affairs they still do not want to anticipate events that could largely be hypotheses, at least until the Contact Group meets for the first time on Thursday in Montevideo, where Borrell will be.

After testing their interlocutors in Europe, it is expected that the Venezuelan Parliament will make public today the names of its ambassadors in the twenty European countries that have recognized Guaidó. The exiled Carlos Vecchio, number two of Popular Will, already assumes this role in the US, like Julio Borges, former president of the Assembly, before the Lima Group. In Madrid and in the rest of Europe they prefer to act with the utmost caution while waiting for these decisions.

The Foreign Minister explained from Brussels that the Government will decide «in the next few days» if he withdraws the diplomatic credential to the ambassador of Venezuela in Spain. Borrell did not want to give any details about the immediate consequences of the official support of the Executive to the opposition Guaidó as «president in charge». «The next steps we will see them from the next few days,» he said. His team in Madrid did not want to advance any more on what the minister had pointed out.

As they say from outside, the situation is almost unprecedented. «There has never been the recognition of a president who has no effective power over the Administration, nor about the armed forces,» they claimed.

Spain has an important colony in Venezuela, which makes it convenient to keep diplomatic representation open, which is even more necessary if there are more problems with the Maduro regime. From the Ministry they explain that, the embassy in Caracas is before the Venezuelan State, not before the Government of the day. And it works, above all, for the welfare of the Spanish residents of the country.

Borrell also did not respond yesterday if Spain considers as a measure of pressure new sanctions against the Maduro regime, as the United Kingdom has pointed out. And he limited himself to saying that the Government will shuffle «what has to be seen, depending on what happens». What it clearly rejects is an armed intervention.

Meanwhile, in Caracas, the Spanish Embassy yesterday expected the measures of the Bolivarian government after the first statements of Nicolás Maduro against the head of the Spanish Government and the soft statement, for his custom, made public by the Foreign Ministry: «The cowardly Government of Spain He has taken a disastrous decision, History will remind him like a Donald Trump puppet, «shot out Chávez’s son during the celebration of the coup d’état led by the» supreme commander «in 1992.

Repeating an argument similar to the one exhibited during the interview broadcast in La Sexta, Maduro insisted that the hands of the PSOE leader will be stained with blood as already happened, according to his criteria, with those of José María Aznar in Iraq.

«Those [European] governments are taking sides with the most extremist faction of the Venezuelan right wing, acting under the direction of Washington, desperately seeking to take control of political power,» the Foreign Ministry argued in its statement. The revolutionary script is clear: sell to Europe that is