They arrest a person wanted for rape in a police raid against irregular immigration

There were 150 identifications and 19 arrests for violation of the Immigration Law

Friday, November 9 2018, 10:42

Agents of the National Police Corps, with the close collaboration of the Archena Local Police, arrested a man who was wanted for a rape yesterday evening in this municipality. The arrest occurred in the course of a large police operation, developed in Murcia and Archena, aimed at identifying people who might be violating the Immigration Act, who had expulsion orders in force or that could be claimed by the commission of some crime.

A spokeswoman for the police headquarters of Murcia has confirmed that throughout the night of yesterday and early Friday morning were identified 150 citizens, of which 19 of them ended up being arrested for various infractions.

The raid focused on a dozen entertainment venues in the neighborhood of Carmen, the hamlet of Zarandona Murcia and Archena, which were taken by several dozen agents of the Provincial Brigade of Foreigners and Borders, the Prevention and Reaction Unit ( UPR) and the Response Operative Group (GOR) that participated in this deployment.

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