The Virgin of Health and its baton of control of Mayor Perpetua de Archena

Hundreds of faithful clothe the ceremony officiated by Bishop Lorca Planes on Avenida del Carril
Hundreds of neighbors accompanied yesterday in pilgrimage to the Patron, from her hermitage of the spa to the avenue of the Track, where a Eucharist was celebrated in her honor. It was officiated by Bishop Lorca Planes, in concelebration with the priests of the town. After the mass, the appointment of Mayor Perpetua de Archena to the Virgin of Health, and the delivery of the command stick of the mayor, with which he proceeded to the parish church of San Juan Bautista became official.

This act, which was attended by the president of the Community, Fernando Lopez Miras, accompanying the mayor, Patricia Fernandez, is the culmination of all official procedures for appointment, which were initiated by municipal resolution on September 14, 2018 , giving rise to the administrative file for the award of this honorary distinction to the Virgin of Health, co-patron with Corpus Christi. The proposal collected a thousand adhesions.

The Municipal Socialist Group abstained in the vote for the appointment of the Extraordinary Plenary, last Thursday, where they also announced that they would not attend yesterday’s event, on the understanding that «it is a political ruse by the Popular Party that taints the image of the church.