The victim of Sabadell recognizes the man who took her to the ship

The young woman identified the suspect during the reconstruction of the multiple rape
The 18-year-old victim of a multiple rape in Sabadell early Sunday has recognized the man who allegedly took her to the abandoned industrial warehouse where she assaulted her with at least two other people. The young woman identified the suspect on Monday night, when a reconstruction of what had happened was taking place, according to sources in the case. The woman went with the judicial procession to one of the two ships where the attack occurred when she crossed paths with a man she recognized as the person who took her to the scene when leaving a nightclub, against her will. The Mossos arrested him, accused of having participated in the rape.

A seventh detainee for the multiple violation of Sabadell
The woman went to the police early Sunday morning accompanied by a couple who found her in the area of ​​industrial estates in the Can Feu neighborhood of Sabadell. Already in police station, it denounced that three men had violated it while three more, that were in the same industrial ship, did not do anything to prevent it, although they did not witness the sexual aggression.

The Mossos work under the orders of the court of instruction 2 of Sabadell to clarify what exactly happened that night. So far, there are seven detainees for rape, between 21 and 53 years old, all of Moroccan origin and two of them with a history of theft. Local police arrested six people on Sunday, and on Monday, the Mossos the seventh suspect in a ship on the Terrassa road, very close to the main one, in the street of Germans Farguell, where the attack allegedly took place.

It is envisaged that today all will be brought before the courts and the magistrate will take the necessary measures against the accused, based on the evidence against them. The City Council announced on Monday that it will appear in the case as a popular accusation.